about us

We work with organisations to make the world run better using human centred design, technology and creativity.

Ghost is a proven end to end partner.

We help teams make strategic choices, solve important problems, and derive greater value from products & services.

Only what you need, when you need it.

We work behind the scenes, adapting to how you work.

Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there and can support from strategy through to execution.

All value. No ego.

How we partner

We’re on your team.

You decide how we integrate with your people and processes.


Task our project teams with a problem to solve.


Supplement your team with our people to increase resource.


Our team partnered with your people.

how we work

We start by joining dots in the dark.

By journeying along the path of discovery together, we move more successfully and efficiently to a place of light, revelation and dimension.

1. Frame

Align our effort

Agree why we're doing this, who we're doing it for, what success looks like and who we need to help us achieve it.

2. Foundation

Do the right thing

Truly understand our audience. Define the right problem to solve. Where to focus our effort to make the most impact.

3. Focus

Prove the path

Explore different ways to achieve our goal. Test and learn to mitigate risk and build confidence we've found the best approach.

4. Fly

Do the thing right

Establish our roadmap.
Craft our solution.
Release it to our audience.
Analyse, learn and optimise.
Celebrate our shared success.

our expertise

The way we deliver is always focused on the impact it needs to generate.


We offer a fresh approach to strategy and consulting

We’re experienced in helping leaders set strategic direction, and guiding the implementation of human-centred organisational, and technological change.


We tell compelling, connected stories

We are experts in digital storytelling, integrating narrative across ecosystems and connecting with audiences at the right time and place, supported with evidence and measured with data.


We use research, data and insights to create, test and develop experiences

We don’t make assumptions. Our experience design and research teams use data and insights to create and test ideas and develop right-sized solutions to ensure they solve problems and generate value.


We analyse effectiveness, and adapt

We work with your team to test, track and analyse the work, to uncover insights, optimise performance and show clear evidence of success.

our clients

You might not know us, but you'll know our clients.

We partner with organisations operating across the US, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Ghost connects product, experience and digital in a way that breaks down silos,

creates shared understanding, and gets everyone on the same page.

Lee Hales

Engagement Director,

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

The team at Ghost Partners have been helping us to launch emerging technology with a strong focus on customer experience.

Working across multiple time zones as extended members of our innovation team the quality of their work, honesty, and collaboration are more than enough reason for me to recommend them to any organisation – big or small.

Elle Smith

Innovation Manager, Chief Operating Office for Consumer Bank,

Westpac Australia

The Ghost approach works…

supporting us to emphasise our people’s values; listening to key stakeholders; and distilling purpose and meaning.

Caroline Rosanowski

Chief of Staff DDG,CIO, OCIO Defence Digital Group,

New Zealand Defence Force

Of course we chose Ghost because they are creative, intelligent, experienced and expert –

with a clear grasp on how they add value to our business. But critically they offered us a partnership – not so much that we were buying them, more we were investing in us.

Greg Forsythe

National Manager, Information & Education,

Immigration New Zealand

Ghost Partners are not your typical agency partners;

they feel like an extension of your team, bringing responsiveness, pragmatism, and smart thinking to every conversation. They are great at connecting the dots and helping facilitate conversations across the organisation ensuring projects are fully supported by critical areas of the business. I can’t recommend their approach highly enough.

Kellie Nathan

GM Global Brand & Reputation,


It's such a privilege to work with such clever peeps who love their work and the outcomes we achieve together."

Cara Jacoby

Product Manager, Growth & Development,

Education New Zealand

To my mind Ghost occupies a very unique role. They sit above and across other disciplines.

For that reason, there aren’t any comparable agencies or consultancies I can think of.

Paul Irwin

GM, Partnerships, Innovation,

Education NZ

I often describe Ghost as the grown ups in the room.

Knowledgeable, highly skilled and clear-eyed about what can and should be done. They understand business realties more than any other partner I’ve used.

Clayton Foster

Director of Brand,

Ministry for Environment NZ Government

The Ghost team have been instrumental in helping us articulate our value proposition and helping translate our sourcing, production and distribution lifecycle into an experience our customers understand and value.

They made us feel like part of the process, empowered and in control of where things were heading...

Tom Macdonald


RC McDonald / EnviroSteel


From workers, leaders, thinkers and doers, ours is a team diverse in both background and experience.

Julie Leuzinger

Founder, Managing Director

Ngāi Tahu

Andrew Hawley

Founder, Managing Director

Katherine Allan

General Manager

Rachael Farmer

Finance and Operations

Mark Glenn

Principal Consultant - Experience

Craig Osborne

Head of Performance

Belle Chance

Head of Experience

Phil Dunstan-Brown

Head of Creative

Kerrie Fowke

Head of Delivery

Ana Priestley

Senior Project Manager

Ryan Christie

Design Lead

Lisa Barritt

Senior Project Manager

Kristin Jarvis

Senior Project Manager

Andrea Maple

UX Designer

Diego Maia

Senior Product Designer

Nathan Perry

Technology Lead

Marie Larking

Senior Service Designer

Katrina Ansford

Senior Project Manager

Kyra Manchester

Senior Project Manager

Michael Turley

Senior UX Designer

Linda Cardiff

Senior Project Manager

Jordan Williams

UX Designer

Rebecca Ward

Project Manager

Leif Roy

Experience Consultant

Gareth Hordyk

Emerging Technology and Innovation Consultant

Rod Schofield

Creative Consultant

Erik Hay

Creative Partner


Noel Brown


Environmental science advisor

Environmental science advisor

Environmental science advisor

Environmental science advisor

Sebastian Leuzinger

Environmental science advisor

Ngāti Porou

Māori cultural advisor

Māori cultural advisor

Māori cultural advisor

Māori cultural advisor

Randal Leach

Māori cultural advisor

Ngāti Porou

Responsible data and AI advisor

Responsible data and AI advisor

Responsible data and AI advisor

Responsible data and AI advisor

Carole Barnay

Responsible data and AI advisor


These guide our people and partnerships.

We see the person first.


We work with open hearts and minds, knowing that diversity of background, age, thinking, and lived experience make the solution stronger.

Our work is powerful when we truly understand the people it is made for.

We work ‘with’ not ‘for’.

True Partnership

Our clients are the heroes in our work; there is no place for ego at Ghost. Better work comes from better connections and tighter relationships.
While we’re at times invisible, we’re also transparent. We will challenge when it is right to do so.

We dare to find a better way.

Dynamic Practice

We shape our process to the problem. Never the other way around.
Our desire to find the best way of working puts a clear focus on success at all costs.
We understand the work has got to work.

our affiliations

NSW Approved

Ghost is an approved supplier to Australia's New South Wales State Government.

NZ Approved Government supplier

Marketplace: Professional Services (DIA), AoG Consultancy Services (MBIE), AoG Advertising Services (MBIE)

Māori-owned business

Verified by Amotai Aotearoa New Zealand's Supplier Diversity Intermediary

NZDIA accredited

Ghost is a member of the New Zealand Defence Industry Association.

Fernmark qualified provider

Ghost is a Fernmark qualified provider of Service Design, UX, UI, and CX services.

Adobe Solution Partner

A registered partner for Adobe Digital Business Solutions.

Content Authority Initiative

Partnering for an open industry standard for content authenticity and provenance. 

our story

Tech innovator Julie Rowe and agency entrepreneur Andrew Hawley sat down one day and pondered whether there was a way to build a professional services business, with a greater sense of purpose.

The full story

They found a way of working where everyone could contribute their value and experience, that way joining all the important dots.

So why ‘Ghost’ then? They think it means only being there when needed; but really potent when it counts.

What they’ve created is a distributed, fluid team that use proven systems and flexible methodologies to bring the right people together around the right problems, in the right way.

They think it is a better way to work, and given what’s been achieved so far, their clients think so too.

It would need to be something that didn’t just serve themselves, but be about building shared success. They talked about setting aside ego and truly engaging in open collaboration with client partners.

“Although our virtual team may be largely unseen, what we’re able to achieve together is unmissable.”

Get in touch

Together, let’s move what matters to you.

Julie Rowe

Founder, Managing Director

+64 21 285 8537

Andrew Hawley

Founder, Managing Director

+64 27 487 3727